Window coverings are a big part of the mood and beauty of your home. They give you a chance to express your personal style.

Our Underfoot Window Covering Specialist is happy to work with you to find the best solutions for your home. With their help, you can be extra sure that your made-to-order window coverings will be exactly right.

There are four key things to consider when choosing window coverings.


How much do you want to see out?

How much do you want people to be able to see in? Does that change from

day-time to night-time?

Light Control

Are people sleeping, watching TV or using a computer inside?

Do you have furniture, artwork, carpets or other valuable possessions you want to protect from UV rays?


Will it be easy to open and close both your window coverings and your windows?

Are they safe for kids and easy to maintain?


How does this fit in with your decor, furniture, fabrics, carpets and wall colours?

How does it enhance the room and make the most of your windows?

Don’t leave this important questions to a floor attendant at a big box retailer! Speak with one of our window covering experts for a free consultation.